Air Sun Collectors

A Good Investment

With Solkungen Energi’s air solar collectors, you get an efficient and very affordable heat addition to your home. The investment you make when buying one of our Fullblack models can pay off in less than a year, depending on your electricity prices and how much electricity you use. The annual yield of the larger model is up to 2000kWh/year. Easy do-it-yourself installation, pays for itself much faster than the best heat pump and many, many times faster than solar cells.

Reduce Your Electricity Costs

ATTENTION! Full Black naturally circulates the indoor air, like air source heat pumps and radiators/elements.
Air collectors pushing in outside air and creating overpressure - causing moisture/mold damage. Read more under the "Questions and Answers" tab.

Our air collectors are available in several different models. The Fullblack Outdoor is mounted on the house wall and the Fullblack Indoor is placed inside the window, on the windowsill. No assembly – quick and easy! With a Fullblack, you cut your electricity costs and contribute to the green energy transition at the same time. All our air solar collectors are made in Gothenburg (Sweden) and come with a 10-year warranty!

Demonstration video Fullblack Indoor

For those who don’t want to drill into the wall or live in an apartment, Indoor is an affordable option for adding heat. With the 10-year warranty – it pays for itself several times over. Please read carefully all the information about the product before ordering:

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Demonstration video Fullblack Outdoor

Our air sun collectors have a uniquely high efficiency.

In the video, before wall mounting, the outdoor air is circulated through the air sun collector to show the efficiency.

The exhaust air in the upper hole shows a temperature increase of over 30 degrees! (Intake minus 5 degrees, exhaust plus 28 degrees.)

With indoor air circulating through the solar air collector, the return air is 35-40 degrees.

  • Recording date 2021-02-12, 14:45.
  • Outdoor temperature – 5 degrees.>

See the video with english subtitles:

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How will electricity prices develop in the fall?

"Since Ringhals 4 is broken and will be repaired in the fall, it is 100% certain that electricity prices will increase in southern Sweden."

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Erik Ek
Operationsmanager at Svenska Kraftnät

"Russian gas monopoly Gazprom extends the stop through the Nord Stream pipeline indefinitely, citing technical faults.
Electricity prices are expected to rise sharply as a result of the continued shutdown."

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Dagens Industri
2nd September

Solkungen Energi's air sun collectors