Air sun collector - Fullblack natural as a heat pump!

Solkungens air sun collectors are installed throughout Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe. Below is a selection of photos and reviews submitted by customers.

Benjamin Hussein
Benjamin HusseinTrollhättan
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I have put one on the outside of the house on the stairs to the upper floor. It has been running for a few years now and the warm air rises nicely to the upper floor. Nothing to complain about

I already bought one from Solkungen maybe ten years ago. The fan stopped working last year, but I got a replacement fan that was easy to change. Otherwise, it has worked "perfectly" all these years. A few years ago I bought two more of the new model (Full Black). I have a support radiator in the garage, where I put one of them, and sure enough, the electricity bill is significantly reduced. The one I have in the basement is also very useful. Much warmer and much drier

Felix Johansson
Jan Granberg
Jan GranbergKilleberg
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Works well. The garage also becomes dehumidified. I had first missed that the solar cell became somewhat shaded during the day so the fan (which controls the inlet to the air sun collector) did not go at full speed, but I just had to move it.

I live in a condominium and the heating is not included. It is an old stone building with high ceilings in the rooms. I have put it (Fullbalck Indoor) in front of the window in the living room, and set it up when I go to work, and take it down and put it under the window when I come home. Very practical to use and provides noticeable heat to the room in winter, so the elements have to run much less. It is difficult to say how much of the electricity bill is for that particular room, but clearly the electricity bill has been reduced. And I do feel that the room is warmer than before. It will soon be time to bring it out again.

Peter Johansson
Gunnar Holm
Gunnar HolmBoden
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I have set up the air sun coollector and it all works perfectly. Brilliant heat 😀.

We have a clubhouse with a sauna and use one for preheating the sauna and the other for the changing room. There are lots of sweaty and wet clothes after a game and showering, so the dehumidification is great and the heat too. Even if it's freezing outside, the sauna is already warm from the solar fan (Full Black) when we turn on the heater, which saves money.

(NOTE! When preheating a sauna, Full Black must be switched off when the heater is switched on, and only switched on when the heater is switched off. Standing position with the fan closest to the floor, and not close to the heater. //Solkungenenergi)

Pasi Pesiö
Martin Yttring
Martin YttringSmithska Udden
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The one I have on the holiday home (Full Black) has been fantastic! The other one I just bought, I have not yet decided where I will use it, but probably the house. I know it will cut the cost of electricity well, and already pay for itself in a few years.

Had one in the garage that I bought many years ago (older model) that I only unpacked at the beginning of the year. I was almost shocked by the effect, and regret not unpacking it sooner! I have a large forest property and bought both large and small (Full Black) that I put all over the farm buildings and the house. Since the cost is tax deductible, I will recoup the investment very quickly. The assembly was no problem either, just putting it up.

Stefan Richter
Suonenjoki, Finland
Jarmo Liukkonen,
Jarmo Liukkonen, Mikkeli, Finland
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I started with one about a year ago for the cottage. No more "summer cottage smell" when we get there. Now I put another one on another cabin and even though it is bigger, the effect is still sufficient (Full Black). (translated)

We have a cottage that is unheated from October to April. Before, it has always been damp and smelled like grandma(!), when we came there in the spring. Last fall we installed a Full Black, and when we came out this spring it was nine degrees outside and 14 degrees inside! And all the bedding was dry! Highly recommend Solkungens products.

Fredrik Geysor
Porvoo, Finland
Hans Lugnet
Hans LugnetÖvertorneå
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Maybe I did think it (Full Black) would not work so well in the cold. but it is good for supplementation heat even at minus 25 degrees.

I have several Full Black pieces since many years, and am more than satisfied! They provide plenty of warmth into December, despite few hours of sunshine, and get going again at the end of January whem its five or six hours of sunshine. The low sun angle and the snow reflection from the ground in front give a phenomenal extra boost!

Staffan Lundström
Johan Hagman
Johan HagmanDonsö
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I have installed a small Full Black on the roof of my boat, and it really heats and dehumidifies. Much fresher and warmer in the boat now than before.

I have two Solkungen air sun collectors that I bought six years ago, and bought two more Full Black. Like its simplicity and the fact that it requires no service or maintenance. Provides good heat even in very cold weather.

Olof Grafström
Evert Karlsson
Evert KarlssonNässjö
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It was easy to set up (Full Black) and heats and dehumidifies the garage very well.


Elieen Prytszynska
Elieen PrytszynskaMarbella
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We have hung ours (Full Black Indoor) inside the patio window. Works great! Much better indoor climate now when we are spending time in the house. Less moisture, damp smell and it's warmer.

Installations Fullblack Indoor

Fullblack Indoor does not require installation on a house wall. Heating your home couldn’t be easier. For example, you can put it in the window when you go to work and take it down when you get home.

Bodil Carlzon
Bodil CarlzonKäring Island
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Perfect with Indoor for us, as we have a house we don't want to make holes in the wall. It's nice to know that heat comes in every day when we're not there. Simple and very good solution for extra heating and dehumidification.

In my apartment in Uppsala I have a good window facing southeast, and I use my Indoor from early fall to spring. Although it is not a perfect south-facing location, it still works well.

Lea Collado