See a pre-assembled solar air collector where you live!

Seeing our products up and running in real life is impressive. In 2024, we are now building a fine-meshed network throughout Sweden, of which you as a private individual will be a part. If you install one of our solar air collectors, and show it fully assembled to interested parties in your neighborhood, you become a partner of Solkungen AB and thus receive good compensation. We refer customers who contact us in your area to you – you agree on a viewing. You will be “alone” in your area. Give us a call and we can talk more about the practicalities.


Färdigmonterade luftsolfångare av modell Fullblack Outdoor

“Everyone can reduce their heating costs by installing a solar air collector and you should choose one with high efficiency.”

Uppsala Municipality environment and climate advice

Business package Fullblack

Corporate package – Fullblack with staff discount. When ordering several to the same address, the price is even more advantageous. Contact us for discount information.

Climate-smart products with a 10-year warranty

Provides supplementary heat all year round.

Enkel gör det själv montering! Alla klarar av att installera våra luftsolfångare.
Fullblack Outdoor 0.75 m2 [sqm] accessories for sun cell operation.
Included accessories for solar power.
Fullblack Outdoor 0.75 m2 [sqm] accessories for adapter operation.
Included accessories for adapter operation.